Successful investigations start with the best investigators in the industry
Committed to licensing, certification and training
All of our investigators – and in fact most of our staff across all three of our sister companies – are licensed Private Investigators.

We also offer investigations staff with the key security-industry certifications, including CPP, PSP, PCI and CISSP. Our leadership team has been involved with ASIS Canada for many years, helping to maintain high standards for the industry across the board. And of course, as an approved provider of training programs for Ontario’s Private Investigator license, we are committed to ongoing training for all investigators.
Corporate investigation services
Insurance claim investigation and surveillance, as well as long-term disability and WSIB investigations. Accident reconstruction and OSINT investigations.
Workplace investigations
Corporate investigations including employee fraud, theft, workplace violence and sexual harassment.
Interviews and statements
Witness interviews and statement taking, with appropriate documentation and reporting.
Labour contingency
Contingency planning for labour disruptions, including security strategies and implementation.
Risk management
Threat assessments and risk management assessments, including physical plant and personnel.

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