What kinds of red flags can background checks turn up?

You might be surprised what background checks can tell you

For many businesses, 'background checks' mean a quick check of potential employees' references, just to get a second opinion and maybe confirm they've held the positions they say they've held.

But background checks can be far more extensive than that. As we've discussed before , a single, small red flag that turns up in a background check doesn't necessarily have to be a deal-breaker - but it's important to know what red flags might be most important to your organization.

The infographic below is a good comprehensive list of the kinds of things a thorough background check can turn up. (It should be noted that in Canada, almost all of the background checks involved require informed consent from the individual whose background is being investigated.) What's more, it's a good reminder that it may make sense to conduct investigations on corporations with which you're considering doing business - search engines just aren't enough, even for public companies.



Infographic of the range of background checks