Case Studies

All Profile services are designed to help our clients get the results they need, with solutions that address their unique challenges. From successful investigations in remote locations and scalable high-volume screening, to asset protection in pop-up locations and integrated risk management, we help clients protect their employees, their businesses and their peace of mind.


We’ve established a reputation for smart, thorough, ethical investigations conducted by licensed investigators with specialized knowledge and the right experience for the job. But don’t take our word for it – our track record speaks for itself.

Local investigators in remote locations means undetected surveillance

Recovery of stolen tech with documentation usable in court

Locating individuals for legal proceedings

Investigating criminal mischief in healthcare facility

Investigations and monitoring in sensitive locations


We combine all the advantage of a high-touch, boutique screening service with the benefits of a large screening solution dealing with high-volume projects. Learn more about how we help ensure our clients make the very best hires.

Automating high-volume annual criminal checks

Cybersecurity employment screening with tight timelines

IT employment validating qualifications


Every business is unique, which is why our security systems solutions are customized for every client. One thing is the same, regardless of client: We deliver smart, efficient solutions that maximize your investment.

Security system design and implementation across multiple locations

Responsive customer service for security systems

Asset protection in pop-up locations